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Still, searching for the final decorative touch to your design? Almost at your budget and still need more decorations? At Belleville marquee letters rental company is the place you should head to next. Our team is experienced and qualified to offer you professional recommendations aligned with our top-notch quality products with your budget in mind.

Marquee letters rental in Belleville and throughout the GTA is experienced in event planning and offers a wide range of décor rentals that are offered to our clients to incorporate into their theme and design. Furthermore, we offer products and services like marquee letter rental, candy carts, cake table rentals, and balloon décor in Belleville and other cities. In addition, we also offer flower walls, backdrops, photo booths and many other services for our clients to use in their events in Belleville. Belleville marquee letters, marquee numbers and marquee lights are highly recommended décor rentals in Ontario to be part of various events such as showers, weddings, and corporate events.

We are dedicated to offering services at a reasonable price and across all cities in the GTA. Also, our team and our business are to support and facilitate the event planning process to achieve the dream night and exceptional event for our clients. We are well-known for offering marquee letter tables for various events such as birthdays, baby showers, weddings, and many more. Our marquee letters are 32” tall and can be placed on marquee letter tables that are covered with our unique tablecloths. Likewise, we offer personalized marquee letters to our clients that could include a couple of initials, “LOVE”, “MR & MRS”, and many more.

Our clients have the option to add flower wall rentals in their packages that could be combined with other decorative products in events such as engagements, bridal showers, and weddings. Our team has a wide variety of flower wall backdrop rental suggestions for our clients to choose from based on their designs. Also, we offer balloon décor services that involve balloon half-arch and balloon full-arch garlands.

Marquee Rentals Offered in Belleville

In Belleville and across the GTA, our team has a talent and is experienced in presenting customers with professional ideas and suggestions that would help them fulfill the theme of their event without going out of their way and overspending their money. Our crew is there to assist and provide clients with an unlimited selection of interior décor designs, all of which are produced in Canada and by various reliable merchants. A list of the services we offer is shown below:

1. Marquee Letters Rental
2. Marquee Numbers With Lights Rental
3. Marquee Tables Rental
4. Marquee Light Décor Rental
5. Other services

Marquee Letter Rentals in Belleville

In Belleville and in other cities across the GTA our team recommends marquee letter rentals a wide collection of marquee letters and numbers with and without lights. Our marquee letter rentals with lights in Belleville are 48” tall and without lights are 32” tall. Our clients tend to use marquee letters and numbers to present initials, dates, and words such as “I LOVE YOU”.

Marquee Numbers with Lights Rentals in Belleville

Our Belleville marque numbers rentals are very well-known for their styles to be matching and fit with our client’s needs and want. Also, our team frequently suggests our marquee numbers and rentals for various events and occasions such as showers, birthdays, corporate and many more.


Marquee Table Rental in Belleville

Our team offers other items like white and clear tabletop that could be used by our clients to present their ordered marquee letters, numbers, or even their event catering of food and beverages. The clients could also use it for other purposes and upon their personal preference and discretion.



At Belleville marquee letters rental company, our representatives guarantee affordable to all our valuable clients across the GTA, to achieve their dream nights. Our marquee letters and numbers are priced at $79 each plus delivery charges.

Marquee Lights Décor Rental in Belleville

Belleville marquee lights décor rentals are very popular and highly suggested by our team to our valued customers. Our light décor rental in Belleville is used to display customized marquee names, dates, and words such as “Mr. & Mrs.”, “Marry Me” and much more.

Other Services in Belleville

Across Belleville and other cities in the GTA, our representatives are devoted to suggesting expertly and professionally all kinds of services that could integrate perfectly within our client’s theme and design of their night. Our packages consist of other services that are exclusive and optional to all our clients. Some of these additional services include the following: photo booth rental, wedding marquee letters, customized marquee letters, balloon arches, themed and flower wall backdrop and many more.


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