Are you getting married in 2020? You may have planned a big wedding but due to an unexpected global pandemic that can’t happen. Unfortunately, some situations don’t allow you to reschedule. If you want to keep your marriage date set you can always hold a reception later when it is safer for large gatherings. This way your friends and family can all enjoy a celebration with you but you still can get married now. Just because it’s a small wedding doesn’t mean it has to be lackluster, we’ve got the best quarantine wedding decor rentals in Brockville for you. 

Micro weddings are hosting less than twelve people in a more intimate setting; you probably can only invite your direct family, your spouse’s direct family, the maid of honor, and your best man.

Also, make sure to count for a photographer. You will need pictures to share with those who missed the ceremony. For spectacular memories, you need spectacular event decor rentals in Brockville. We recommend Brockville marquee letter lights, balloons, and a flower wall.

Wedding Brockville Decor Rentals in Quarantine

We have Brockville marquee letter light rentals in Brockville in various words or you can customize to say anything. Our popular ones are “LOVE” “♡LOVE” and “MR & MRS.” You can customize them by spelling your last name, “I DO” or anything you can think of. They are also wonderful for wedding photos as you just changed from Miss to Mrs.

Mr & Mrs - Quarantine Wedding Decor Rentals in Brockville

Balloon decor service in Brockville is also a must because they are a celebration staple. All white balloons will add to the occasion nicely. You can also add some colour if you like as you can have up to four colours in each balloon set. Stick to the colours of your bouquet if you do decide to add colour.

Quarantine Wedding Decor Rentals in Brockville – Flower Wall

Brockville Flower wall rentals make the perfect place to say your vows. We have arches or solid walls available – both perfect for your special moment. Whether your ceremony takes place outdoors or indoors these walls complete the look.

Love - Quarantine Wedding Decor Rentals in Brockville

These Brockville Planning Event Designs are perfect for your wedding day but also re-rent them on the reception day. Your guests will love that they can see the decor that you had on your day and it will make them feel more included. Feel free to book both rentals at the same time to make it easier for you.

Ready to plan your quarantine wedding decor rentals in Brockville? We have locations in and around Kingston and surrounding areas for event rentals in Belleville, Brockville, Peterborough, and more! We are available to deliver to any venue. Call, email, or fill out the form below to contact us, we will respond the same day!

Planning Event Design in Brockville

Before diving into decor rentals, you need to establish your wedding theme. Quarantine weddings often center on the idea of intimacy and coziness, leading many to choose themes like rustic, boho-chic, or garden-inspired weddings. Knowing your theme will help you select appropriate decor items to enhance your venue. For example, if you’re going for a rustic theme, consider incorporating elements like wooden signs, burlap table runners, and mason jar centerpieces. If you opt for a boho-chic vibe, think about using dreamcatchers, macramé hangings, and vibrant floral arrangements. For a garden-inspired wedding, floral-patterned linens, lush greenery, and natural accents like tree stumps can be fantastic choices.

Additionally, to elevate the charm and uniqueness of your quarantine wedding, you might consider adding the delightful touch of a Brockville candy cart. This candy cart could be beautifully adorned to complement your chosen theme and serve as a sweet treat station for your guests to enjoy. It would not only add a fun element to the decor but also offer a delectable and interactive experience for your loved ones. Remember, personal touches like the Brockville candy cart can make your wedding truly memorable and create lasting impressions on your guests.

Planning Event Design in Brockville

While rentals provide the foundation for your wedding decor, incorporating personalized items will make your wedding even more unique. Consider adding personal mementos, DIY projects, or elements that celebrate your shared hobbies or interests.


Despite the constraints brought about by the pandemic, your quarantine wedding can still be a memorable, unique celebration. With the right decor rentals, your intimate wedding in Brockville can be just as enchanting, or even more so, than any grand wedding event.

Remember that this day is about the love between you and your partner. With careful planning, your quarantine wedding will not only be a celebration of your union, but it will also be a testament to resilience and adaptability in these challenging times.