Are you opening a new store? Or maybe reopening after a long closure. No matter what you sell, it’s nice to have a grand (re) opening. It would be best if you had a store grand opening decor. Balloons are the absolute must including marquee letter rentals in Peterborough.

Event Decor Rentals in Peterborough

Balloon decor service in Peterborough is a must because they intrigue people. So if they just happen to be walking by you’ve caught their attention. People like feeling included and a part of something so they will be drawn to the decor. If you have the balloons outside by the door it is best to go with a half-arch balloon decor service so the door doesn’t hit them and make them pop.

If you are placing the balloons inside we recommend going with the full arch balloon decor service Peterborough. This is a great way to bring your clients to the aisle you want them in. Maybe place it by your top sellers, or where you have new inventory. 

Event Decor Rentals in Peterborough
Balloon half arch.

You can also add marquee light rentals Peterborough of your store’s name, what you sell, or other keywords. This adds an extra classy look to your store and will make it more desirable. We also suggest a flower wall rental in Peterborough as then the marquee isn’t just placed out in the open. Create a display by adding a mannequin on the wall with your new styles. Or if your product is small rent a marquee table in Peterborough to place your merchandise on in front of the wall. 

Retail - Peterborough Marquee Letter Rentals
Marquee lights with white champagne flower wall and balloon half arch.

Marketing and presentation are a considerable factor in the success of your store. Starting it off with a grand display is definitely the way to go. Especially if you are marketing a promotion for the first x number of customers then they will appreciate that you made the event extra special with event decor rentals in Peterborough.

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Elevating Your Store Decor with Peterborough Marquee Letter Rentals

The right decor sets the tone for your store’s grand opening. Renting marquee letters can significantly enhance your store’s visibility and aesthetics in the following ways:

THM - Peterborough Marquee Letter Rentals
  1. Attention Grabbing: The grandeur and illumination of marquee letters effortlessly draw the attention of passers-by, increasing footfall and promoting your store’s visibility.
  2. Brand Reinforcement: Customized marquee letters that spell out your brand name or tagline make a lasting impression and strengthen your brand identity.
  3. Photogenic Backdrops: Customers love sharing their experiences on social media. The marquee letters make for excellent backdrops for selfies and group pictures, promoting organic social media marketing.
  4. Versatile Decor Option: These letters are not limited to exterior usage. They can be used inside the store to highlight specific areas or products, adding to the overall shopping experience.

Quality Marquee Letter Rentals in Peterborough

Peterborough hosts a number of reputable marquee letter rental services that cater to a wide variety of needs. These services offer high-quality, durable marquee letters that are weather-resistant and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. With customizable features, these marquee letters can easily align with the theme of your store’s grand opening.


Marquee letter rentals in Peterborough can transform a standard store grand opening into an unforgettable event. These letters offer a unique, personalized touch to your store decor, creating a visually striking impression that can captivate your audience. Make your grand opening an extraordinary event, setting the stage for the future success of your business with marquee letter rentals in Peterborough.