You are now a centenarian – that’s a big deal. You’ve made it through some interesting decades. You probably got married, had children, watched your kids grow up and have children of their own. You may even have great-grandchildren. This just means you have lots of people who love you. So throw a big birthday bash to celebrate your 100th birthday party with Kingston Marquee Letter Rentals.

Or maybe you’re throwing a party for your Father, Mother, Grandpa, Nona, Oma or Opa. Whatever the relationship, you love them and want them to have a beautiful century celebration. 

What do you get someone who is turning 100? 

100 things of course! Give them 100 assorted cookies. Create a scrapbook with 100 pictures in it. Although not everything needs to be done in hundreds, giving them flowers, painting them something, creating a family tree or finding some of their favourite childhood toys are all great gifts. Think about what they did in their life that they loved and use that as gift inspiration Kingston because they probably don’t need another vase.

How do you throw a classy century celebration with Kingston Marquee Letter Rentals? 

The older you get the less you care what other people think. So after living for a hundred years they probably have become more carefree. But that doesn’t mean you can be carefree planning this party. A centenarian colour scheme in Kingston is either white and silver, white and black or black and gold. Although you can also add the birthday person’s favourite colour to that mix. 

100 - Kingston Marquee Letter Rentals

Flower Wall: these are great for pictures. We recommend adding a couch or comfy chair for the birthday person to sit on as they will be in every photo.

You need to get a cake, a slab cake is always a good idea for large parties. Have them decorate the cake with colours to match the Event Decor Kingston Celebrations and pick the birthday person’s favourite flavour. Remember this is the same person who let you eat your dessert before dinner when you were little so maybe do the same at their party and sneak them some treats when they arrive.

You should also get confetti that says 100 and make party favours for the guests to take home. Then you need to get the decor for the venue – whether it’s at your home or in a hall this decor makes the party Kingston.

Kingston Marquee Letter Rentals

Marquee letter rentals in Kingston: these can either be marquee light rentals in Kingston that stand 48” tall or Kingston marquee table rental with white letters that stands 32” tall.

  • Happy Birthday or HBD
  • The number 100 
  • Their name
Kingston Marquee Letter Rentals

Balloons: having balloons at a party is just fun no matter what. You can also do 100 balloons to celebrate 100 years.

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Why Choose Kingston Marquee Letter Rentals?

Statement Piece

Marquee’s letters make an immediate impact. They act as a statement piece, attracting attention and serving as a fantastic photo backdrop. Their radiant illumination can light up even the largest rooms, creating a captivating focal point that your guests can’t help but admire.


Marquee letter rentals offer extensive customization options, allowing you to get creative with your décor. You can choose letters, numbers, symbols, or a mix of everything to spell out meaningful words or significant dates.

Easy Installation – Kingston Marquee Letter Rentals

Despite their grandeur, marquee letters for rent are easy to set up and remove. The rental company will take care of delivery, installation, and pickup, leaving you stress-free to enjoy the celebration.


To celebrate a 100th birthday is to celebrate a century of memories, love, and life itself. With Kingston’s marquee letter rentals, you can ensure the event radiates the significance it deserves.

Create a timeless memory on this extraordinary day by illuminating the venue with the glow of marquee letters. After all, such a milestone comes once in a lifetime – so let’s make it count!