Not sure what colours to pick for your event? It can be hard coming up with colours for any occasion whether it be a wedding, birthday or corporate event. Especially if you have no idea how to find colours that complement each other well. Take a look at a designer’s guide to creating your colour scheme with event rentals in Kingston.

For starters, your favourite colours and colours that work together may not be the same. So even though you love hot pink, lime green and bright orange just pick one of those to focus the colour scheme around. Finding event decor rentals is a lot easier once you have set your mind on what colours. Balloon Decor Service in Kingston will be easier to organize, a Kingston flower wall rental will be easier to pick. Kingston Marquee Lights Rentals are all white so no matter the colour scheme these will fit in cohesively. 

Monochromatic Colors – Kingston Event Rentals

Pick one colour and use different hues of this same colour. This is the easiest colour scheme to follow because you only have to change the tone – by darkening and lightening the same colour.

Monochromatic Colors - Kingston Event Rentals
Monochromatic Colors - Kingston Event Rentals
Candy Cart Rental with Balloon Decor Service in Kingston.

Analogous Colors – Kingston Event Rentals

Analogous colours are close together on the colour wheel. Choosing between warm or cool colours you pick three colours next to each other. Once you have your colours pick one tone and use it for all three colours. All pastel or all dark hues, just stay consistent.

Analogous Colors - Kingston Event Rentals
Balloon Decor Arch in Kingston


On the colour wheel, these are two colours completely opposite one another. Holidays such as Christmas follow this colour scheme. Because there are only two colours you can pick a few different shades of each colour.


Split Complementary Colors – Kingston Event Rentals

These are the colours directly next to the complementary colour. Again because there are more colours in this grouping keep them all the same tone. The main colour will be the focus colour and complemented by the split colours. 

Split Complementary Colors - Kingston Event Rentals

Marquee King offers various different balloon colours and flower wall colours to create a unified theme. Our other event decor is in white to easily tie it into any colour scheme. Ready to start creating your colour scheme for your next event with event rentals in Kingston? We have locations for event rentals in Kingston, Belleville, Brockville, Peterborough and more! We are available to deliver to any venue. Call, email or fill out the form below to contact us, we will respond the same day!

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