Has your loved one been away for a while? Maybe your kid just came home after living away at school for four years. Or your best friend is finally back from living abroad. This may be just an excuse to have everyone over. But it’s a great way to enjoy seeing those you missed. So we’ve listed a few essential decorations you’ll need for your welcome home party planning with event decor rentals in Brockville. 

There are a few things to note before you get started planning decorations in Brockville.

  • Is this a surprise party?
  • How many people are you inviting?
  • Are you hosting or renting a venue?
  • Are you feeding your guests a meal or just cake?

Brockville Event Decor Rentals

Once you know how big your location will be then you can add decor. Start with our Brockville balloon decor service because this is a party and you can’t have a party without balloons. Pick your guest of honour’s favourite colour for the balloon decor. Then you can then base the rest of the party on this colour. Get the cake frosted to match and add steamers in that colour too! 

Brockville Event Decor Rentals

Marquee Letter Rentals – Brockville Event Decor Rentals

Getting signage is also necessary. You can get Brockville custom marquee letter rentals and spell out “home” or your guest’s name. This can also be made into a marquee table rental as a place to put the cake. Or you can rent a flower wall rental and add lettering to spell out the whole thing “Welcome Home” even adding their name or “We Missed You.”

Grass Flower Wall - Brockville Event Decor Rentals


Lastly, you need to invite friends and family. You may need help getting contact information but with social media, you can easily message those you don’t know personally. Now if this is a surprise party, make sure all of your guests know so they don’t slip up.

Include in your message the venue and time to show up well before the guest of honour. This is also a good place to indicate if you will be serving a meal, if it’s a potluck party or if they should BYOB.

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Brockville Event Decor Rentals: Your Key to a Picture-Perfect Event

Once you’ve decided on a theme, it’s time to bring it to life. Here’s where Planning Event Design in Brockville come into play.

Wide Selection

Brockville offers a variety of rental services providing all the decorations you need, from tables and chairs to lighting and props. Local businesses can cater to any theme you’ve chosen, offering customized options to meet your specific needs.

Ross - Brockville Event Decor Rentals

Cost-Effective & Convenient

Event decor rentals are not just a practical solution, they’re cost-effective too. Renting helps you avoid the steep costs associated with buying decor items outright, particularly for one-time events. Plus, most rental services will deliver and pick up the items, saving you time and effort.

Planning Your Decor with Brockville Rentals: Bringing It All Together

Planning your decor with a rental service involves a few key steps.


Start with a consultation, either in person or over the phone. Discuss your theme, your vision for the party, and your budget.


If possible, arrange for a walk-through of your party venue with the rental service. This will help them understand the space and suggest the best decor items.

Booking and Delivery

Once you’ve chosen your items, book them well in advance of your event. Most services will deliver and set up the decor on the day of your party.


Planning a welcome home party should be a joyous endeavour. With the array of Events Party Decor Rentals in Brockville, you can transform your home or event space into the perfect welcome-back celebration for your loved ones. Remember, it’s all about creating a space filled with love, laughter, and welcoming vibes. Happy planning!