If you’re planning a surprise birthday celebration for your friend in Kingston, you’re on the right track! Discover decoration ideas with Kingston Event Rentals to make their birthday party truly special.

Balloon Decoration Ideas for Kingston Birthday Party

Birthday parties and balloon decor are two words that always come together. You cannot celebrate your birthday without having a Kingston balloon decor service. Let’s explore some great Balloon designs that you can have at your Kingston birthday party. An amazing and elegant design that you can go for is our balloon decor full arch rental in Kingston.

pride to be-Kingston Decoration Ideas

Our Kingston balloon full arch is set up with 150 balloons of different sizes. The full-arch balloon rental services in Kingston comes with a mix of four colours that you decide upon your request. Our Balloon full arch rental in Kingston can be used as an entrance piece. You can use it as a gate where your guest can walk through to the area of your celebration.

The other design of the balloon arch is our Kingston balloon half arch which comes with about 75 balloons, and it also comes with four colours combination of your choice.

You can use our balloon decor half arch rental in Kingston as a decoration piece at your stair or you can combine it with a design with our Kingston flower wall. Also use our balloon half arch with our marquee table rental in Kingston. You can use our marquee table to place your birthday cake.

Kingston Photo Booth Rentals – Kingston Event Rentals

photo booth-Kingston Decoration Ideas

A great item that you can have at your Kingston birthday party is our photo rental in Kingston. You will be able to record great memories for your birthday party in Kingston with our photo booth.

Our photo booth comes with an amazing assortment of backdrops and props. You can also choose to customize a template for your prints. Our Kingston photo booth rental also comes with all equipment to ensure high-quality pictures.

Moreover, our photo booth rental in Kingston comes with an attendant that will be there during the whole time of your rental.

open photo booth-Kingston Decoration Ideas

With all the mentioned features your guest picture-taking experience will be very unique and fun. Another great feature that our photo booth rental in Kingston has is our email-sharing feature. The email sharing feature in our Kingston photo booth rental will allow your guest to get a digital copy of their photos arrives immediately to their email.

Decoration Ideas for Birthday – Kingston Event Rentals

You can explore a lot of other designs that can match your Kingston birthday theme. You may want to check our flower wall rental in Kingston such as our White Champagne Flower Wall Rental.

This design of the flower wall matches any of them and it is very common for birthday parties in Kingston. You can also look at our marquee light such as our marquee letter and numbers rental in Kingston. You can use our marquee numbers to emphasize your age and what age are you celebrating.  

DIY Decoration Ideas in Kingston

Balloon Archway – Kingston Event Rentals

Make a statement with a DIY balloon decor services archway. Use colors that match your theme, and enhance it with ribbons or flowers. This decoration serves as a fantastic photo backdrop and entryway for guests.

Personalized Banners

Create a personalized banner for the birthday celebrant. You can include their name, age, or a heartfelt birthday message. A homemade banner adds a personal touch to your party décor.

Shop Local for Decorations

Kingston is home to many local party supply stores. These stores offer a plethora of unique decoration items that will make your party stand out. Plus, shopping local supports Kingston’s economy.


Each birthday party is unique, reflecting the individual being celebrated. Let these Kingston-inspired decoration ideas guide you in crafting an unforgettable party atmosphere.

Whether you’re embracing the historic vibes, the Caribbean Carnival energy, or creating your own theme, remember to have fun with it. After all, Kingston knows how to throw a party!