Prepare for your gender reveal party in Brockville with Brockville Party Rentals. Discover ideas for your gender reveal party decor in this article and share the great news with friends and family.

Balloon for your Brockville Party Rentals for Gender Reveal

Using a balloon as decoration in Brockville for a surprise and a big announcement is very common, so you may want to explore your balloon decoration option for your gender reveal party in Brockville. You may want to look at two of our balloon decorations designs in Brockville.

BABY-Brockville Party Decor

Our full balloon arch service in Brockville is an arch design with a combination of about 150 balloons. You may want to use this design as a gate for your celebration space or the entrance of your venue. You can also use our full balloon arch in Brockville as a piece of decoration for the stage where you will announce the gender of your baby.

The other design is our half-balloon arch service in Brockville. This design is made of about 75 balloons. Our half-Brockville balloon arch is usually placed at a stairwell or combined with one of our Brockville flower wall rental designs.

This combination is normally used as a backdrop for taking photos. Our balloon arch rental in Brockville comes with a choice of four-colour combinations that you request upon your order. 

Marquee Table Rental In Brockville

Those days parent uses many different ways to reveal the gender of their baby. Some parents use coloured smoke to reveal their baby’s gender whereas others pop up a balloon. A great idea for a gender-revealing party in Brockville is using a gender-reveal cake.

candy cart-Brockville Party Decor

One of the perfect decorations to place your Brockville gender reveal cake is our Baby marquee table. This design is very special, and it adds a lot of focus to your Brockville party reason.

The marquee design comes with the baby word, and it has a surface to act as a table. It will be a great piece of decoration to have for your gender reveal party in Brockville.

Photobooth for your Gender Reveal Party in Brockville 

Another item that you may wish to include in your Brockville gender reveal party is our photo booth. Our photo booth rental in Brockville will give you a great chance to record such nice memories with friends and families.

Our photo booth rental in Brockville has a lot of features that will make your photo-taking experience a great experience. You can choose from a wide variety of backdrops and props that Our Brockville photo booth rental comes with.

photo booth-Brockville Party Decor

The equipment is needed to ensure a high-quality picture. Our photo booth rental in Brockville also comes with an on-site attendant who will be there during the whole period of your rental.

Moreover, our Brockville photo booth has an email-sharing feature that allows you and your guest to receive your photo immediately in your email. all these features will make you and your guest’s experience unforgettable.

Essential Brockville Party Decor for Gender Reveal


A gender reveal party isn’t complete without balloons. Choose from an array of pink and blue balloons, or consider an oversized black balloon in Brockville filled with pink or blue confetti. When it’s time for the reveal, the balloon is popped to rain down the gender-appropriate color.

Banners and Signs

Hang banners and signs that align with your theme around your venue. Use these to build anticipation and excitement. These could range from simple “Boy or Girl?” signs to more intricate designs related to your chosen theme.

Table Decorations

Decorate your tables with gender reveal-themed tablecloths, centerpieces, napkins, and table runners. You could even include a candy buffet with pink and blue sweets.


Whether you choose to go all out with an elaborate theme or prefer to keep things simple and elegant, the right Brockville party decor can make your gender reveal party truly unforgettable.

So get creative, have fun, and remember— this day is all about celebrating the upcoming arrival of your little one!