You’re engaged and ready to be married to the love of your life. Celebrate with a ceremony that truly reflects you and your partner. With Belleville Marquee Letter Rentals, take the stress out of planning and create an unforgettable wedding. From bouquet colors to venue choices, decor, and guest seating, let us guide you through the process, ensuring a memorable and personalized experience.

Because not all of us start planning our wedding at a young age, trust us to make your dreams come true. You’ll have your mother and soon-to-be mother-in-law telling you what they want. However, this is your day so you don’t have to listen to what they want. Yes, it is nice to please your family but you make the final decision. So let’s start stress-free party planning with Belleville marquee letter rentals.

Wedding Decor Colours Belleville

First, you need to pick your bouquet colour. This one is easy, pick your favourite flower and then that flower colour is the focus colour of your party. Groomsmen bowties, and bridesmaids’ dresses can follow suit with this colour or complementing colours of the same hue. Now that you have a focus colour this will make decor a lot easier.

Best Location with Belleville Marquee Letter Rentals

Finding a wedding venue in Belleville may be the most stressful part of this planning process. Decide whether you want this to be an indoor or outdoor wedding. Then find three places where you can see yourself being married. Any more than three and you will start to get stressed about which one you love most. Click here for reviews of venues in the GTA. Book days to tour the venues and inquire about the dates available. If you have a date in mind inquire if they are available that day before even visiting the venue.

Best Location with Belleville Marquee Letter Rentals


Dinner can be tough at a wedding because of how many mouths you have to feed, but you don’t need fancy food like escargot. Pick some basic dishes that everyone is sure to love and have them choose the protein from chicken, beef, fish or vegetarian. Picking a cake flavour is easily the best part of planning a wedding. Call your local Belleville bakery and arrange a night you can go in for cake tasting. Make this a date with your beau because with all this commotion you probably haven’t had a night out to yourselves.

Event Decor Rentals – Belleville Marquee Letter Rentals

Marquee King is an event rental company in Belleville with award-winning service. We also offer delivery services to make everything even easier. Some of our products are marquee light rentals, Belleville marquee letter table rentals, flower wall rentals, balloon decor services and other event rentals. These are all musts at a wedding. Getting everything from one service makes everything easier on the day off as we deliver and set up our rentals for you.

The marquee letters in Belleville are very popular at weddings because they are fully customizable so you can spell “MR & MRS” “I DO” or “LOVE.” The flower walls make perfect backdrops for photos and with the variety we carry, there is definitely one to fit your colour scheme. Balloons as well we have an assortment of colours and each balloon arch can contain four colours to fit into your decor. Feel free to fill out the form below for any inquiries and we will respond the same day for your convenience Belleville.

Event Decor Rentals - Belleville Marquee Letter Rentals

Guests Entertainment – Belleville Marquee Letter Rentals

Who do you invite and where do they sit? Okay, this would be stressful but we’ve got an easy way to avoid that stress. Your venue Belleville has a limit on how many people they can accommodate so that’s your number of guests. Add all your and your partners’ close friends and family. Now this is when you let your mother and mother-in-law do their part. Any remaining spots divide and allow the mothers to invite distant relatives or their friends that haven’t seen them since they were a baby.

Guests Entertainment - Belleville Marquee Letter Rentals

Creating a seating plan is also a great task for the mothers because they know everything about everyone at your wedding so avoid the stress and leave that to them. Ready to start stress-free party planning with Belleville marquee letter rentals? We have locations for event rentals in Kingston, Belleville, Brockville, Peterborough and more! We are available to deliver to any venue. Call, email or fill out the form below to contact us, we will respond the same day!

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